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One of Prism’s best friends is Professor Michelle Ryan.  Her recent investigations began when a newspaper article pointed to a link between women’s appointments to leading positions in commerce and those companies’ subsequent poor economic performance – in terms of both profitability and share price.

However, far from poor performances being predicated upon women’s appointments in senior positions, Michelle found that women’s appointments seemed to follow poor performance.  In other words, many women were given the plum jobs only when companies were facing difficulties and when they were, in one way or another, on the slide.   Michelle called this phenomenon The Glass Cliff.

Not only are there relatively few women being promoted to the most senior jobs, but it seems that when they do reach the top women are likely to be confronted by, what we could politely call, sticky situations.  Two of Michelle’s first authored papers relating to this topic are attached.  I hope you enjoy reading them and find them useful.


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